Rezvani Tank: the beast is unleashed

Rezvani knows how to rock.

In fact it brings an Extreme Utility Vehicle right to the streets, the Tank.

A vehicle built for off-road and on-road challenge, that will guarantee fun and security to his owner. This beast has a V8 engine with 500hp and it is a strange thing for a SUV, right?

It is the fusion of an armored tank and a luxury vehicle as you can see from the pics below. The seats are designed to provide maximum comfort for daily driving, it has a LED lighting integrated as auxiliary lights, the helpful head-up display that shows speed and navigation but also the main features of a telephone like text messages and answer to phone calls and also an unusual thermal/night vision system that will bring curiosity and lot of fun. With the Rezvani Tank you will never get bored.

If you have lot of money and you’re looking for a unique and awesome vehicle, the Rezvani Tank is the best option.

Hoping that this beast will come to Italy one day!


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